Book Traveling Thursday|Food.


9/8/2016: Almost everyone loves to snack while reading.
Choose a book that Focuses on Food, Eating, or Cooking.

UGH! This week’s topic to SO HARD!!! I can’t even think of any books I’ve read,
that focuses on FOOD! Plus, I’ve already used the books I would chose for this topic!!
WHY!? 😥 Okay, after hours and HOURS of thought, I decided to go with The Moon &
More by Sarah Dessen. It didn’t actually focus only on food, but they were always
going on and ON about Shrimp Burgers! 
And even though I don’t eat animals,
it made me want to try one!!! 😐 😐 😐 Oh no! 😐 😐 😐

USCOVERS16101126 23281629
FAVECOVERS31438541 25478767
1.) Polish 2.) German.
My favorite cover for this week is the Polish cover! I wish this was
the US cover. :(It’s just SO 
pretty. I know it’s kind of plain, but the
colors are the bomb. Point 
me in the direction of whatever filter
this is please! 😉 

22035675 25402338 21956390
1.) French 2.) Spanish 3.) Swedish.
My least favorite pick for this week is the French Cover. It is just
SO boring! Another problem I have is the fact the moon his HUGE,
and it’s daytime…Yes I know, you can always see the moon no
matter what time of day, but that big? I don’t think so.

*Book Traveling Thursdays is a weekly meme created by Cátia @The Girl Who Read Too Much and Danielle @Danielle’s Book Blog. To Find out more/Join the Goodreads group, click HERE.

16 thoughts on “Book Traveling Thursday|Food.

  1. I really like the Polish cover (I completely agree about the colour/filters) and the second US cover (I love the colours on that too).

  2. The Polish covers are doing good this week! My favorite one on my post was also Polish! LOL!! Shrimp burgers?? Hmmm, that can actually be nice. Thanks for stopping by earlier on and I hope you will have a great weekend!

  3. YEEES. POILISH cover is bomb. sooo good! these colours, though..feels so warm
    I like your choices!
    I searched for this book in my language, but sadly it’s not translate. Buuut there is another book by this author which is translated!! ahah, added to my TBR! ☺

  4. I love the Polish and the US covers! I almost picked The Truth About Forever by Sarah Dessen for mine this week, because of the catering job. I haven’t read this one yet!

  5. My favorite cover is the second US cover.
    Your comment on the French cover was really funny, my least favorite would be the Spanish one.

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