Top 5 Wednesday|Sept. 7th|Fictional Family.


Characters You’d Want as Family:

Seeing as I’m still on a TV High from yesterday, plus I mostly read YA
contemporary, and their parents are usually nowhere to be found, I’ve
decided to incorporate TV/Movie Characters in with the Book Characters.
So my family is going to be a mixture of the two. Yes I know, we aren’t
all the same ethnicity, but whatever. 🙄 Let’s get started! 😀 

My Parents:
Image result for nick fury
Image result for clair huxtable
My Dad: Nick Fury – Avengers: Age of Ultron.
What? I LOVE Samuel L Jackson, and Nick Fury is Badass!
My Mom: Clair Hanks Huxtable – The Cosby Show.
Who wouldn’t want Clair as a mom? She was gorgeous,
and she didn’t take bullshit!

My Brother:
Image result for tahj mowry
My Younger Brother:
 Tucker Dobbs – Baby Daddy.
He can be my brother, because we both have a crude
sense of Humor.

My Sisters:
15394334 9662548
My Older Sister: Remy Starr – This Lullaby by Sarah Dessen.
We both are kind of negative, and like to talk shit for fun. We are
a perfect sisterly match! 😉

My Younger Sister: Bianca Piper – The Duff by Kody Keplinger.
Bianca is a firecracker, and we both can be ridiculous at times.
She is also a perfect match.

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19 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday|Sept. 7th|Fictional Family.

      1. I know! Ben is so sad! I can’t stand him! He’s always trying to look for a new girl, what he should be doing is taking care of his own daughter. I feel like everyone else is with Emma more than he is!!

      2. Yes exactly! It’s so frustrating, he never learns! Me and my mom watch this show together and whenever Danny and Riley kiss or are being cuties, we both go ‘aww’ and ‘yes!’

  1. I can’t say I was one to misbehave much as a kid but I doubt you’d ever be able to get away with ANYTHING with Nick Fury and Clair Huxtable watching over things :). Great choices though – this was a lot of fun!

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