Music Monday|September 12th, 2016|Summer.


Seeing as Summer will be coming to an end very soon…Well, for some
people, (I feel like summer here ends on October 31st! 🙄 ) I thought I
would share some of my favorite songs
to listen to this Summer! I’ve
probably listened to these songs a MILLION times this summer!
Enjoy! 😀

Handshakes – Metric.

I think this song is a recent addition to my Song Obsession Pile. I didn’t
use to listen to it all that much…It’s not that I didn’t like it, I would just
skip right over it, and listen to the songs that I already knew… 😐 Anyway,
one day I decided to just let the music play, NO SKIPPING (sometimes
you just have to do that), and after hearing this whole song, I fell
in love with it. I know I’ve probably listen to this
song at least twice a day. 🙂

Wasted Hours – Arcade Fire.

This is also a song that has just been added to my Song Obsessions Pile.
I don’t know why it has taken me song long to start listening to this song.
I LOVE Arcade Fire…Well, I LOVED them. There new stuff isn’t something
I can see myself ever liking…It’s SO ODD! Anyway, this is one of those
songs that no matter what season it is, when I listen to it, I feel like
Summer. A lot of their songs from The Suburbs are like that, but 
this one is a favorite! 😀

*Music Monday is a weekly meme
created by Lauren over at Always Me.

7 thoughts on “Music Monday|September 12th, 2016|Summer.

  1. I listened to both songs and I like them both, but I prefer Wasted Hours, it is pretty catchy.
    Right now my all time favorite songs are My Demons by Starset and Hero by Skillet, but lately I’ve been listening to Into You by Ariana Grande and Stone Cold by Demi Lovato.

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