Five Things On Sunday|Tropes.


I’m actually going to flip this week’s topic and give you:

5 Book Tropes I am tired of seeing.

1.) Instant Love. Okay I guess I’m a bit of a hypocrite when it comes to “Insta-Love,” because I don’t mind it in Romantic Comedies but I hate it in YA books. Most romantic comedies are about adults who have been in love before, so they know what it’s like, and they can see it right away…Great example: Dan In Real Life. But I’m sorry, all these little tiny boppers roaming around claiming to be in love with the next boy or girl that walks in the room need to sit down, and shut up. It is both too much and too annoying! Get it together children, that’s not love, it’s LUST!!
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2.) Absent Parents. Where are all the parents at!? It seems like all of the YA characters are running around like orphans without a care in the world. There are two types of Absentee YA Parents. There are the parents who are never home…We don’t know where the hell they are, but they aren’t where they are should be, at home, looking after their children. Then, there are the parents who are there, but just sit around like they don’t give a f**k! What is going on!?
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Β 3.) Manic Pixie Dream Girl. Why? Just why? This is one of the main reasons why I hate reading from a male’s perspective. He is always having some kind of mental chaos, and almost ALWAYS, at the right moment, this little quirky ray of sunshine comes along to save his life…She takes ALL his troubles away. Get real! Females weren’t put on his earth to fix male problems…Even though it seems like we are always having to do so. Boys, get a grip, and get a life!Β 
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4.) The Brooding Bad Boy. Please. Just. STOP! I can’t even take the “Bad Boy” characters. To be honest, I get really embarrassed when I come across one. I just find them to be EXTREMELY humiliating. I just can’t!Β 
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5.) Girl Needs The Guy. No! I am sick and tired of reading books where the girl gets the guy in the end. Or she feels like she NEEDS a guy. She walks around acting all kinds of pathetic, drooling overs some doofus! Β Is it really necessary? NO! I hate how everyone acts like that is just what every girl needs, a Knight In Shining Armor… πŸ™„ Come on girls, you don’t need to be in a relationship to be happy! πŸ˜€
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16 thoughts on “Five Things On Sunday|Tropes.

  1. Wonderful list! I totally agree with this list. What also is kind of starting to irritate me, is that there always has to be a love story as a subplot… Friendship is just as important if not more important than finding a man.

  2. I love this post! I completely agree with all of your points. The absentee parent-thing is commented upon often in our house, since my 8-year old first started noticing a year or so ago that almost all of her books (and movies) featured children from families in which at least one of the parents had died.

    1. Thanks! πŸ™‚

      I didn’t think to add parents who died, because nobody can help that. But on that note, the live parent needs to step it up, and be there for the children.

  3. Awesome post! Your gif for the insta-love one is so epic. Actually any gif from Clueless makes my day. πŸ€“ And the absentee parents. I will never understand that one. I swear, my parents were there 24/7 when I was a teenager. And yet so many of the kids in YA novels are practically living their own lives with zero supervision. Yeah right. But when it comes to brooding bad boys… well, I admit I sometimes fall for it. LOL

    Tanya @

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