November 2016 Wrap Up.


Sorry it has taken me SO LONG to post this. I kind of decided to take a break 
from blogging, and surprisingly, I think this might be my first post of the month!
Anyway, let’s get started! 😀

Books Read This Month:

Image result for crickets gifLike I said last time, I am not reading anymore books until the new year.|
I need a break…I’ve kind of fallen out of love with reading, and hopefully that
will be fixed by January. I have a good feeling it will be. I’ve got A LOT of great
books that need to be read! 

Reviewed This Month:

Image result for Oops gifOops! I’ve been dropping the ball BIG time! I have a couple reviews ready,
so they will be posted SOON! 😀

Posted This Month:

Music Monday:

Top Ten Tuesday:

Top 5 Wednesday:

Book Traveling Thursday:

The Friday 56:

Five Things On Sunday:

Awards, Tags, & Challenges:


Hopefully I will get my shit together, and the rest of this month will 
be great! Happy Reading!  😀


5 thoughts on “November 2016 Wrap Up.

  1. Hope you get out of your slump! I definitely agree with needing a break sometimes. I took a couple of months off at the end of summer because I was overwhelming myself. It looks like you still had a great blogging month!! Even on a break, you’re posting more than I ever have in a month!! lol Hope you enjoy your break and we will be back with open arms whenever you’re ready!!

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