Top 5 Wednesday|Nov. 9th|Fallen Out Of Love.


Characters You Used to Love but Don’t Anymore:

I don’t think there are many characters that I feel this way about…The only two characters I can think of at the moment is Sydney Sage, and Adrian Ivashkov. If you’ve been reading my blog for the past year, you should already know,because I talk about it A LOT, that I hate their guts…Yeah Yeah, hate is a strong word, buy if the show fits!

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Let’s start with Sydney. When we first meet Sydney in the VA series, it did take a little time for me to get use to her, and her kind of snobbish stuck up ways…After getting past all of that mess, I really started to love her. Of course she still wanted to believe the stuff that was beat into her brain as a child, but you could tell that even then, she had her own beliefs. She knew what she wanted in life, and she was going for it. She was smart, strong, and driven…Until she met Adrian Ivashkov. From there it all went downhill. She ended up giving up EVERYTHING for him. A lot of people for some stupid reason, won’t get that or they just don’t agree with the above statement, but it’s true. She gave up so much, just to be with Adrian of all people. Even though his presents got on my damn nerves, I kind of wish that she had left with Marcus and his Merry Men…At least then she would have been able to travel the world…Now she’s just stuck being a dowdy teen mom…I’m sorry, don’t even try…There is NOTHING anyone can say, to change my mind. You cannot convince me that Adrian was the right choice for Sydney…Not in a MILLION years!

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Now let’s talk about the biggest loser…Adrian. I was charmed by Adrian Ivashkov when he hit the scene in Frost Bite. Don’t get me wrong, I definitely wanted Rose and Dimitri to be together, but I would be lying if I said I didn’t want her to get a little taste of Adrian. Adrian was funny, and VERY charming, and as annoying as it was, I kind of loved, how he wouldn’t take Roses NO for an answer. But then that all changed in his last scene of Last Sacrifice. He definitely had the right to be mad at Rose, because she kind of did him dirty, but the things he said to Rose, were just SO uncool! He treated Rose as if she ruined everyone’s lives, but in reality all she really did was save them. In that short time, he went from could be hero, all the was down the a ZERO. I just can’t stand his ass. One would hope that he would have figured himself out but the end of the Bloodlines series, but all he did was get more lame…More PATHETIC. He dragged Sydney down with him…Thank GOD or whoever, that Rose was smart enough to get out of that situation…Too bad I can’t say the same for Sydney’s dumb ass.

Good Luck Syd! 😉

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6 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday|Nov. 9th|Fallen Out Of Love.

  1. I agree with you when it comes to Sidney, she was more likeable at the beginning, but Adrian… I can’t agree with you and here I am aware how subjective I am, but he’s my favorite character of all time so… I can’t.

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