Top 5 Wednesday|Oct. 26th|Spooky Settings.


Favorite Spooky Settings:

1.) Fleet Street – Sweeney Todd.
Image result for Sweeney Todd gif
I like how it is always gray outside. No matter what time of day, there
is like a grey fog overcast. It’s very creepy, but I love the look.

2.) Ballentree Moor – Penny Dreadful.
Image result for penny dreadful gif
At the Cut Wife’s home. It always seems to be nice and windy…Spooky
and windy I should say. I love how it’s in the middle of nowhere. It’s surrounded
by bushes and trees.I like how even in the day time, it’s eerie.The sun could be
shining, and I still feel uneasy. Like something bad is about to happen.
I just LOVE it! 

3.) The Other World – Coraline.
Image result for Coraline gif
Even though this world is more vibrant/beautiful than Coraline’s the real
world, there is still 
something not right about it…Everything is too perfect to be
true. Everything 
looks beautiful, but it’s all a facade to make you want to stay,
and if you do, 
all hell will break loose.

4.) The Forbidden/Dark Forest – Harry Potter.
Image result for Harry Potter Forbidden Forest gif
I didn’t read the books, but I watched every last Harry Potter Film, and I fell
in love! One of my favorite places in the Forbidden/Dark Forest. You wouldn’t
catch me there in a million years! There is no amount of money that would make
me want to even step foot in there! The name alone tells you it’s a big NO NO!
Even though I wouldn’t go 
there, I still can’t help but think it is
beautiful…In a creepy way.

5.) Les Catacombs – Paris, France.
Image result for Catacombs gif
Okay, now there is NOTHING fiction about this place. And I don’t even 
think I can call this a favorite place. I just can’t help but think about it any time
someone mentions scary settings. I don’t even know where to start with this one.
How could anyone willingly go down into somewhere chock full of dead bodies?
Well skeletons…You know what I mean! Then on top of that, I am always
hearing stories about how it’s haunted…NO THANKS! 

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26 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday|Oct. 26th|Spooky Settings.

  1. Great list! It’s been a while since I’ve read HP but I don’t remember being really scared of the forest for some reason, but I think now that I’m older I actually get more scared than I did as a teen 😂

  2. I adore ‘Penny Dreadful’! It is, by far, my favorite series (as far as dramas go). It’s breathtakingly intelligent and visually stunning. John Logan is a genius. And the acting!!! It’s all brilliant. I’m excited to see Ballentree Moor on your list!

  3. Great list! Definitely agree with you about the catacombs.
    I also put the Forbidden Forest on my list! Definitely an underrated spooky place.

  4. I always LOL in Harry Potter when Ron seems to be the only one who is scared of the Forbidden Forest. I mean, how can Harry and Hermione not be when they grew up muggle and don’t even know half of what magical creatures even exist???? They don’t know which ones are harmless and which ones will kill them instantly!!

  5. The Other World is creepy as hell. I watched the movie years ago and I still haven’t forgotten that world.

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