The Mindy Project Season 5 Review Episode: 2 Nurses’ Strike.


Remember when I said I was confident that Mindy in the gang would still find their way into some entertaining high jinks and shenanigans? Well it looks like I was wrong because this episode was a snore. It really pains to me to say it, but it Mindy is just much more fun to watch when she is trying to catch her a man. I know, I know, I was an advocate of seeing her spend time by herself (or at least with her child) but I need the  drama! I need to see Mindy feeling her gig again!

Luckily for me, it looks like there just might be the right man to help her get her gig back. Of course home girl can’t make it five minutes without a man to chew up and spit out, but after this episode, I now realize how much this is needed! There is a new man in Mindy’s life (well almost) and I can picture it all ready. Awkward run ins, Mindy’s gracelessness, Jody AND Danny SEETHING… It is like the first snowfall (not that I know what that is like, I live in Arizona.) I mean, I am pretty sure this will only last for like a second or two, but all jokes aside, I like seeing Mindy interact with men who know her worth and I can’t wait to see Mindy have this fool sprung for a few episodes.

Speaking of Jody, let’s talk about him: THAT MAN IS A MESS. It is something we always knew, but now things have just gotten out of hand, even for him! How is he going to buy the woman an apartment as a gift and then straight up take it back because she wanted to be single? Like, come on dude, is your ego that fragile? I mean I kind of get it, it would suck to have spend all that money on an apartment for the person you thought you were going to have a relationship with, only to be wait listed. I probably would have done the same thing! Actually, no I wouldn’t have! I would have never bought her that apartment in the first place. He did that to himself! I died when his ass was baking cookies and having an open house, though, that was probably the highlight of the episode. Anyway, Jody is acting extra petty these days, and it just ain’t cute. He should just get over Mindy and get him another woman because I don’t see him getting any of that anytime soon.

Another highlight of this episode was the fact that I didn’t have to see the biggest trick of them all: DANNY! You already know that I cannot stand his ass, so I was beyond delighted when I didn’t have to see him or hear his annoying ass voice. It was a real treat.

Now onto the strike… One question: What was the point? Really, what was the point? Morgan, Tamra and Colette are always whining and complaining and wanting something and when they get what they want, they just find something else to complain about. Yes, I get it, you do deserve better pay and insurance, but you’re asses whine so much that I don’t even care what you are whining about anymore. They should join forces with Jody and create a petty squad, because that is what they all are: PETTY!

All in all, this episode was kind of blase da. It was just lacking. Hopefully this week Mindy is on a mission to get that man because I need to see her acting up again otherwise, I just don’t know what I’ll do.



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