The Mindy Project Season 5 Review Episode: 1 Decision 2016.


OMG I CAN’T BELIEVE IT! The Mindy Project is back ALREADY?! I feel like the season 4 finale was just yesterday but, of course, I am not complaining. I am beyond excited to see what is gonna go down this season. Last season had me on the edge of my seat, and hopefully this season will be no different. I am not gonna lie, though, I was a little disappointed in the first episode, but not disappointed enough for me boycott the show… yet. Anyway, let’s get into it.

What just happened?! Did I really watch what I think I just watched?! Those were my two major questions after watching the season premier. I can’t believe I spent an entire season obsessed over the idea of Mindy and Jody being together only just for her to go and spit in my face! WHY!? I thought you were my girl, Mindy? How could you do this to me? Okay, okay,  dramatics aside, I guess I do kind of get it. She does really need to be by herself, especially after 4 seasons ( and her entire life) of her being desperate to find the perfect man (who we thought was Danny, but of course he turned out to be a dud) she finally understands that she needs to stop obsessing over the D and focus on herself… oh, and her child too. That being said, did she really have to string me along like that?! I WAS ROOTING FOR YOU, WE WERE ALL ROOTING FOR YOU! HOW DARE YOU?! Okay, to be honest that wasn’t even the part that really bothered me. It was the fact that they made it into some big comedy sketch that made me mad… I mean yeah, okay this is a comedy show. But they didn’t have to make it one big joke. They were messing with my emotions. It reminded me of when people wake up and the audience realizes that everything that happened was some sort of dream. Not cool.

Now for the monstrosity that is Danny. He is the same pig eyed douche bag that we all know and hate. Of course he did the whole “I love you and you love me, but we aren’t good for each other because I’m a selfish bitch, and I want a woman who will say and do whatever I want them to.”  He knows that he is a rat and he literally does not care! At this moment, I am officially done with Danny C. I thought I was over him last season, but that was only because I didn’t think that he could get any worse. Not only is he a self centered spoiled brat, he is also a scumbag cheater. How are you going to have sex with your baby mama and still get married like nothing happened? I hope his fiance finds out and kicks his ass to the curb and then he moves to South America to do charity work because I never want to see him again. On top if that, his interactions with Mindy were just plain weird. It was so awkward. Their little “break up” or whatever you would all it,  was just too easy. That also felt like a big joke. Everyone knew he was lying when he said he was going to break it off with Sarah, why couldn’t Mindy see that too? I don’t get it.

Overall, I didn’t really care for the first episode…It just seemed too rushed. Too much happened in such a short amount of time. It should have taken like 3-4 episodes to sort this mess out and it seemed like it all happened in less that 24 hours… Which I am hoping works in my favor. Maybe now that they got all that mess out of the way, they can start getting back into the good stuff. I mean, maybe Mindy won’t be chasing tail 24/7 (let’s see how long that will last) but I have faith that Mindy will still find a way to get into high jinks and shenanigans and I am totally here for that. This episode changed everything and I don’t even know what I want to happen anymore. All I know is that I still love Jody, Mindy is my girl, and that I hope we never see Danny again.


3 thoughts on “The Mindy Project Season 5 Review Episode: 1 Decision 2016.

  1. I gave up on The Mindy Project at the beginning of season 4. Just too many inaccuracies and out of character decision-making. My friend did tell me the plot of season 4 and it is so wild. I also hate Danny. Hope it gets better though. 😁

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