Music Monday|August 22nd, 2016|Melanie Martinez.


I don’t know what it is, but lately I’ve become obsessed with Melanie Martinez. I
remember hearing about her a while ago, and I downloaded her album on Spotify, but
then after a month or so, I kind fell off the band wagon. Then sometime last week, I just
felt the urge to listen to her again, and I haven’t looked back. She has a bunch of great songs, but the ones I am really loving lately are: Soap, Tag You’re It, and Pity Party. So
the other day when I was searching for some live versions of these songs, I ran
into her Billboard Studio Performance, and I was in awe. I LOVE these
versions of these two songs. I couldn’t find one for Tag, You’re It,
but these two will have to do! ❤ Enjoy! 

Soap – Melanie Martinez.

At the moment I would say this is my favorite Melanie Martinez song. I don’t
know what it is about it, but I am loving it. While I do love the album version, this
one is amazing! I think I might even like it better! I just love how raw it sounds.

Pity Party – Melanie Martinez.

I’ll have to admit that at first I wasn’t a big fan of this song, but then after listening
to it over and over again on car rides, I’ve fallen for it. It’s very cleaver and I love how
she used the sample of It’s My Party by Lesley Gore. It adds a nice touch! 😀

That’s it for this week! Are you a fan of Melanie Martinez?
If so, let me know what your favorite songs are down in the comments! 😀

*Music Monday is a weekly meme
created by Lauren over at Always Me.

10 thoughts on “Music Monday|August 22nd, 2016|Melanie Martinez.

  1. I LOVE MELANIE and I really wanted to see her on tour but I couldn’t go and I was really annoyed. My favourite song is definitely Carousel, so creepy

  2. I love her! I discovered her from the Voice Season 3. She really has a unique voice and style to her music. 🙂 Glad to see that she’s come so far!

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