Olympics Book Tag.


I wasn’t tagged to do this tag, but I LOVE the Olympics, and I saw this tag
over on Emma’s blog, Reading Though The Night, and I just HAD to do it.
I’ve been watching and LOVING both the Summer and Winter Olympics for 
YEARS. My favorite Summer sports to watch are Artistic Gymnastics, Swimming,
and Track and Field. I personally think that Track and Field are the most exciting! 
Sadly the Olympics will be over tomorrow, so I need to hurry up and do this,
so here it is! 😀 Can’t wait to watch the Winter Olympics in 2018! 😀

Artistic Gymnastics:

Artistic gymnastics is all about grace and beauty, especially on beam and floor, but if you only flex your toes for just a second on any other event, such as bars or vault, it can lead to a deduction that can cost you your golden medal. That’s why I want to know: What is a beautifully written book?

I’ll Give You The Sun by Jandy Nelson.

This is one of the best books I’ve read in a LONG time! I just love
everything about it, from the stories, to especially the characters. I love
the both, but I think Noah just might be my favorite! If you haven’t already,
you should really pick up this book. Hell, you should pick up both of her
books! The Sky Is Everywhere, is also AMAZING! 🙂


Athletics is all about speed. In most events the fastest person wins, but in other events your speed is also an important part of your chance yo win that gold medal. So you can really say that speed is key. That is why I want to know: What is a fast paced book?

The Duff by Kody Keplinger.

I don’t feel like there were any boring parts in this book. I was always
interested. Once I started reading, I couldn’t stop.
It was so good, that
I read this book in one sitting. If you 
haven’t read it already, you need to
stop being crazy, 
and pick this book up! Oh and you should also 
watch the movie! 😀

Beach Volleyball:

Beach Volleyball reminds me so much of summer! I mean, you can only play it on the beach, it is fun to do with friends. It makes you forgive all of the sand for getting into places you don’t actually want sand. That’s why I want to know: What is a perfect book for summer?

Along For The Ride by Sarah Dessen.

Actually EVERY Sarah Dessen book! Sarah Dessen knows how
to write a great summery book! I’ve loved every single one of her books
that I’ve read so far…Well..There has only been one book by Sarah Dessen,
that I didn’t really care for *Cough* The Moon & More *Cough* but
other then that one, I’ve really liked the rest. Today I just found
out some GREAT news!! She is releasing a new book next
Summer(2017)!!! I am SO EXCITED!! 😀


Divers is all about getting into that water without making a splash, but it is also about strength and, when performed by two divers, about synchronicity. But all in all the fact that they dive that far into the water, knowing that when they mess up, it hurts is very respectable. That’s why I want to know: What is a book you read without knowing anything about it before you started.

The Good Girl by Mary Kubica.

Well, I did know what it was about when I first heard about the
book, but when I actually bought and started reading it, I had totally
forgot what it was about, so I had to read the back of the book! Then I
remember why I wanted to read it so bad! 🙂


It’s all about the horses with this sport, they are as important as the athletes who ride them. It is amazing how much these animals can do! That’s why I want to know: Who is your favorite bookish animal? (it can be a fantasy animal like a dragon)

I actually don’t have a favorite bookish animal. I don’t usually
read books where an animal has a big part…The only animal I can think
of is the little dragon-like creature from The Bloodlines series by Richelle Mead,
but I can do without it. It wasn’t very special in my opinion…I feel like it was
unnecessary. I don’t even remember if it did anything worth
helped in anyway. If I am wrong, please let  me know! 🙂

Rhythmic Gymnastics:

Rhythmic Gymnastics is all about flexibility. Gymnasts perform all kinds of contortionistic moves, and that all while keeping their eye on a prop. And they are also able to include this prop in their, often graceful routines. It hurts my back looking at it, but I want to know: Who do you find to be a very flexible writer?

Sarah Dessen.

If you couldn’t tell by now, I AM IN LOVE! Sarah Dessen is a great 
writer. She comes up with all of these different characters, living within
the same towns, and she never loses track of anything. Everything always
seems to stay the same…In a good way. Her books are stand alones, yet we
still get to see
what is going on with other beloved characters from time
to time.
Sarah Dessen doesn’t say something in one book, and then
change her mind about it in the next. I really love that about her! 😀

Seeing as the Olympics are over tomorrow, I will not be tagging
anyone. But if you do decided to do it anyway, just let me know,
so I can check out all of your answers! 😀


7 thoughts on “Olympics Book Tag.

  1. I haven’t read even a single book of Sarah Dessen and now I feel so bad!
    I have Just Listen but I never really gave it a try. 😦

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