Music Monday|August 15th, 2016|Brother Sister.


For this week’s Music Monday, I would like to share with you, two of my favorite
songs, from one of my most favorite albums ever! That album is Brother Sister by mewithoutyou. I’m not a religious person, and some people put mewithoutyou
under the “Christian Rock” genre…Even thought I don’t think they even
consider themselves that…Anyway, I like the music because of the actual
music, like the drum and guitar parts, and the storytelling. It’s
something amazing! I hope you can enjoy this magic too. 🙂

Nice & Blue Pt. 2 – mewithoutyou.

I’m in love with this song! There is also a Nice & Blue (<Click For the Video),
which I guess you can say is the part one to this song. I like them both, but
I love part 2 more. I don’t know, it might just be because I have listened
to it the longest. Plus the music is more put together and less…dry?
Anyway enjoy! 😀 

In A Sweater Poorly Knit – mewithoutyou.

This is the first song I EVER listened to by mewithoutyou. I knew that if 
their other songs were anything like this one, then I would love them too. 🙂
Aaron Weiss is an amazing story teller. This song has beautiful imagery. I can
just picture it all! Sadly, I haven’t really been into their last couple albums. I
don’t know what it is…Maybe one day I’ll sit down and actually give
them a proper listen, and fall in love all over again. 🙂

*Music Monday is a weekly meme

created by Lauren over at Always Me.

5 thoughts on “Music Monday|August 15th, 2016|Brother Sister.

  1. I’m not religious either, but I have enjoyed music labelled as Christian Rock before. 😉
    My most recent musical discovery is Heather Dale. I’ve never listened to folk before but I love her songs. Most of them draw on mythology or folklore. 🙂

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