Top Ten Tuesday|August 9th, 2016.


Top Ten Tuesday REWIND — go back and do a topic you missed
over the years or recently or a topic you really want to revisit.

Top Ten Favorite Book Quotes(9/21/10):

23510106 13326677 15739697SisterPOCDLOVCora

2145681 25725759 7182579AWolfBigLittleQuoteAlongQuote

870393 15390575 9797582 1046475SomethingBlueSOMEONELIKEYOUlastSACJListen

*Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme

hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.

97 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday|August 9th, 2016.

  1. I love all of the quotes you chose! I haven’t read Coraline, The Sister Pact or A Wold at the Table, but now I want to! All of those other quotes are a perfect depiction of the books! I love Sarah Dessen, she is definitely the most quotable author out there. Last Sacrifice was my fave VA book and I think that the quote you chose definitely embodies who Rose is. Great list!

    1. I usually don’t remember them either, but if I come across one I love, I check and see if they have it on goodreads, then add it to my fave quotes! 🙂

  2. Oooh, we went for the same Rewind Topic. 🙂 I like those quotes from The Sister Pact, Something Blue and Just Listen. Haven’t read them though.

  3. Great post. I don’t think I’ve ever read any of your picks but the Sarah Dressen line especially is beautiful.

  4. Very nice! Big Little Lies was like a treasure house of quotes lol- one of the things I liked about that book. I like The OCD Love Story one too, and the Sarah Dessen one for Just Listen.

  5. Absolutely in love with your post! I love quotes, book quotes even more! From your list, the only book I’ve read is Coraline, but the quotes you’ve selected makes me want to read all of the others!:D
    The first one and the last are truly beautiful<3 Thank you for this lovely post!

  6. Damn, that Last Sacrifice quote is spot on. I need to read the whole book now, just for that quote! Awesome list. Thanks for stopping by The Bent Bookworm!

  7. These are lovely! The one that got to me right now is Something Blue, it broke my heart a little to identify with that one, but it’s beautiful. ❤ Thank you for sharing this, I loved reading them.

  8. So many amazing quotes! I already had plans to reread the Vampire Academy series but now I have more books that I know what to add to my TBR.

  9. Ohhh so that’s where Gaiman’s magic quote came from! I’ve used it so many times but hadn’t realized it was from Coraline, haha. Love the list!

  10. You cannot go wrong with a Neil Gaiman book. He is the master of fantasy!! 😀 I’ve not read a Sarah Dessen book but I’ve heard a lot of amazing things about them so I’ll have to get my hands on one soon.

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