Music Monday|July 25th, 2016|Girl Groups 2.


For this week’s Music Monday, I thought I would go back in time (again) and
share with you some of my favorite Girl Groups, growing up!  Enjoy! 😀

808 – Blaque.

I remember when Blaque became popular…I think it was in 1999-2000, anyway,
I remember how my sisters and I LOVED this song, and their other song, Bring
It All To Me. Other than those two songs, I don’t think we really got into anything
else from them. Sadly for them, they didn’t even really last that long. I know I was 
excited for them when they were in the movie Bring It On…Now that was the
bomb, but other than that, they kind of faded away. In my opinion, I think they
were trying to hard to make them the next TLC, and I’m sorry but, there
will never be another TLC. :\

Mirror Mirror – M2M.

Like MANY people, when I was younger, I was OBSESSED with the Disney
Channel. How could I not be? They had all the best TV Shows, Movies, and Music!
One girl group that ALWAYS seemed to be on the Disney Channel, was M2M,
so of course it didn’t take me long to get OBSESSED! Now there were only a few
songs that I ended up REALLY loving, and that’s only because it seems like those
were the only songs they played over and OVER again. As I grew older, I grew out
of them, but these days, I still can’t help but to play their songs and sing along
to them from time to time.

Who were some of you favorite musical groups growing up?
Let me know down in the comments! 😀

*Music Monday is a weekly meme

created by Lauren over at Always Me.

8 thoughts on “Music Monday|July 25th, 2016|Girl Groups 2.

  1. Love your redesign!! Also LOVE girl groups!! En Vogue was one of my faves growing up. Also TLC, Wilson Phillips, Xscape, and Danity Kane. I also think 5th Harmony is adorable today and hope the girl group trend gets going again 🙂

  2. I don’t remember either of these two – then again I didn’t have Disney Channel growing up (I could only see it if I visited my grandparents)… I have no idea what the names are of the three in Blaque, but the lead singer has a great voice.

    Thanks for linking up, Giovanna!

  3. Blaqe and M2M were EVERYTHING! Blaqe was a mess in Bring It On, but I think that added to the hilarity of the movie!

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