Music Monday|July 18th, 2016|New Discoveries 2.


For this week’s Music Monday, I thought I would share two new (to me) bands.
I found these when searching around on YouTube for something new to listen to.
They both sound amazing! 🙂 Hopefully I will keep up with them…I’m not really 
good at that, but I have a good feeling about these two. 😉

Heart Beats Slow – Angus & Julia Stone.

I really love how they are brother and sister. I don’t think you see that a lot
nowadays. Usually it’s a band of sisters, like Tegan and Sara or a band of brothers,
like The Cribs. Personally I’ve don’t think I’ve ever seen just a brother and a sister
playing music together. They have a really nice sound. I love how in the beginning 
Julia explained how this song was made up of lyrics from songs that both wrote
separately…Its very cleaver. It looks like they have been around for a while now.
I have a lot of catching up to do! 🙂

Make It Holy – The Staves.

I think I am in love! They are such talented musicians, with AMAZING voices.
I think I like them even more because all three of them are SISTERS!! I just
this could have been another “Family Ties” edition of Music Monday!
Oh well…Anyway, They kind of remind me of JOSEPH’s set up…or should I say
JOSEPH reminds me of them, 
seeing as The Staves have been around longs…I’m
just finding out about them! :\ I don’t 
know what else to say about this band.
I have liked all of their songs I have listened to 
so far. So if you haven’t heard
of them until now, I urge you to give them a listen…
Give both of these
bands a listen! 🙂


Wisely & Slow – The Staves.

That’s it for this week.
Have you heard of any of these bands before?
What do you think? Let me know in the comments below! 😀

*Music Monday is a weekly meme
created by Lauren over at Always Me.

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