Five Things On Sunday|Pet Peeves.


5 Things That Are My Constant Pet Peeves:

1.) Wet Doorknobs.Β I HATE when people touch a doorknob with wet hands…Why do you have to do that? It just drives me CRAZY!! Please either A.) DRY YOUR HANDS OFF or B.) USE YOUR SHIRT TO OPEN THE DOOR! Thanks! πŸ™‚

2.) When People Touch My Stuff. Please don’t touch my belongings! I have it there for a reason. If I wanted you to touch it, I would tell you!Β 

3.) Strangers Telling Me To Smile. Excuse me. Who are you!? Do I know you? No? Then do not tell me to smile. As a matter of fact even if I do know you, keep you mouth closed, because I don’t have to smile if I don’t feel like it. Harsh? Maybe…Do I care? No.

4.) Other Drivers. Especially when I need to merge into another lane, and the person is driving TOO SLOW for me to get over! I also don’t like when people don’t use their turn signals. Turn Signals are there for a reason people!Β 

5.) Phone Conversations. I’m not a phone call type of girl. I don’t like when people call me, and even though they can most likely tell I don’t want to talk, they keep talking…LET ME GO!! PLEASE! Especially when you can tell they are just talking to talk. We both don’t care about the subject you are gabbing about, yet you’re still gabbing…Wow now I just sound like a bitch. I’m not though…Most of the time. πŸ˜‰

*5 Things On Sunday, is a weekly meme created by Kendra @ Reads and Treats. To join in on the fun, please visit Kendra’s blog, for more information!

10 thoughts on “Five Things On Sunday|Pet Peeves.

  1. Haha, I love the part about turn signals! I can’t even tell you how many times I yell that to other drivers (from inside the comfort of my own car). I hate having to slam on my breaks because they decided to turn without telling me!

  2. Haha, yes – I don’t like people telling me to smile, why! I smile for a reason after all..
    I’m also very to the point on the phone – again, I’m ringing for a reason.
    Lynn πŸ˜€

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