The Mindy Project|Season Finale Review.


I don’t even know where to start. Everything is a mess, and I LOVE it…but hate it all at the same time. I know that this is the main theme of the show, but why can’t this girl ever find the right man? This bitch has been searching for years and always ends up coming up short. Hell, she had a baby before she found the right man. In my opinion, the right man for her is Jody and he just happens to be standing right in front of her face, but of course, all these stupid obstacles keep popping up out of nowhere. The biggest (and worst) being Danny!

Mindy+DannyI personally think that the relationship between Mindy and Danny is over and they both need to movie on. Danny is so selfish, and doesn’t deserve someone like Mindy. He can never let anyone else have control of anything. If it’s not his way, he whines and cries like a big ass baby until he gets what he wants. And I just LOVE how he keeps throwing in Mindy’s face, that she turned his world upside down when she decided to free herself from him. From where I am standing, it looks like he has been doing just fine. Every week, it seems like he has another girlfriend…And HELLO he is getting MARRIED!! In my opinion, if anyone betrayed anyone, Danny betrayed Mindy! How dare he try and hijack her body, and get her pregnant without her knowledge, when she clearly didn’t want to be pregnant again. I’m pretty sure there’s already a word for that…And it starts with a big fat ‘R‘…He had no business and no right trying to do that to her. He planned and plotted just so he can have her exactly where HE thinks she should be, in the kitchen, barefoot and pregnant! He clearly has no respect for her or himself for that matter, no self respecting person would try to pull that mess. If Mindy had any respect for herself, she would stay away! Danny should feel lucky that Mindy didn’t have his ass arrested. Lock him up  and throw away the key! I lost so much respect for Danny after that fiasco. He used to be my favorite, and I couldn’t imagine Mindy with anybody else, but now…
RealityTVGIFs lhhatl love and hip hop atlanta i am disgustedI can’t stand the bastard! Danny, you have moved on, so why can’t you just let Mindy do the same?

Oh yeah, one thing I would LOVE to know is…Girl, where is your baby? I feel like 90% of the time, Leo is nowhere to be found. When Danny and Mindy were stuck in the elevator all that time, where the hell was little Leo? I feel like the baby is an afterthought when it comes to Mindy. She is too busy trying to find a new man, instead of just being there for her son. And I’m not saying that she can’t have a man and a baby, but I think that her main focus shouldn’t be getting a new man. To be honest, the writers dropped the ball with that one because Mindy had no business getting pregnant. I mean, yeah sure, I don’t know if maybe they thought they were being canceled, and they wanted to leave Mindy with a happy ending, but that is no reason to throw an unnecessary pregnancy in the mix.

Mindy+JodyJody Jody Jody…Where do I even begin? Okay, so, maybe on the outside they don’t seem very perfect for each other, but if you really think about it, they really truly are. They bring out the best in each other. Jody brings Mindy back to reality, and Mindy gives Jody a little bit of life. They both have something that the other one needs and I think it created a beautiful balance. They just need to start all over. Jody needs to learn how to deal with people in the real world. You can’t just go and buy an apartment, just because you think you might be in love with someone…Wait until you know for sure. But this is exactly why he needs Mindy, she would have let him know before hand, that he was doing the most.
Just because I love Jody, doesn’t mean that I can’t see that he has his faults. Jody is pretty ignorant, I know he grew up in this very white bread southern world, but check yourself dude, you are a grown ass man, it is time to start thinking outside of the box. He is also a bit of a…sleaze ball, he’s a player who loves the ladies, which I really don’t get because he is a straight ass geek, but that is neither here nor there. I think he is FINALLY growing up, and he wants to settle down, and as long as he doesn’t turn into a butthole like Danny, I think Mindy is the perfect woman for him to do that with.

One of my least favorite things that happens in love stories, is when two people have feeling for each other, but surprise surprise, one of them is already in a relationship. Then when that person is out of their relationship, the other person is now in a relationship!! WHEN WILL THE MADNESS END!? This is what was going on with Mindy and Jody for a few episodes, and let me just say, that it got on my damn nerves!! Then, finally when they both decide to take the plunge, there is one big fat surprise left in the magician’s bag, that, of course, ruined everything…HE HAS CHLAMYDIA!!
What the hell!?
Now let’s talk about this Chlamydia debacle…
Jody is a mess, he should have just said something about it right from the beginning. Yeah, knowing Mindy, or any other normal person for the matter, she probably would have still been pissed, but not as pissed. The problem isn’t even that he had an STI, the problem is that he didn’t tell her and was actually going to go to Funkytown with her. Dude, you can’t start a relationship with lies and certainly not about STIs. it makes you just as bad as Danny and look what happened there. At least if he had been upfront about it, she would have known that he wasn’t trying to hurt her. Jody just makes a lot of stupid mistakes, he needs to think before he acts, and speak up when necessary.

As a whole, I really loved this season. the only thing missing was more of Tamra and Morgan’s craziness! They are both too hilarious, and definitely need more camera time. They only other think I would like to change is the length, of the breaks between seasons. I feel like the mid season break was SO LONG! Now I just know I’m gonna have to wait FOREVER for the next season to arrive…

The Mindy Project seasons 1-4 are now streaming on Hulu.

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