Five Things On Sunday|The Lottery.


5 Things I Would Buy If I Had A Million Dollars:

  1. Debt: Pay off any debt I might have…I the only thing I can think of is my Library debt…Oops! I hope they don’t charge interest! :\
  2. A Nice Car: I would buy a really nice car. Maybe a Cadillac Escalade, or something big like that.
  3. LOTS Of Books: What bookworm, wouldn’t go bat shit crazy, and buy books on top of books on top of books!?
  4. Baking Supplies: I really love baking, and I would buy me a real fancy stand mixer. Probably a Lavender Kitchenaid Mixer.
  5. Donate: I would donate to something like the Kidney Foundation. 

*5 Things On Sunday, is a weekly meme created by Kendra @ Reads and Treats. To join in on the fun, please visit Kendra’s blog, for more information!

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