Book Traveling Thursday|Bookish BFFs.


5/12/2016: Because friendship matters choose your favorite bookish BFF.

The book I chose for this week’s Book Traveling Thursday, was an easy choice.
My favorite Bookish BFFs are Halley Cooke and Scarlett Thomas from Someone
Like You, by Sarah Dessen. To me, they are the epitome of what best friends should
be like. They always have each others back, and they are always there. Sometimes 
it may seem like they stray a little, but they always seem to find their way back to 
each other. 

Original Cover:

United States Covers:
 Someone Like You 15390575

Favorite Covers:
15390575 12416618 17666404

1.) US 2.) UK 3.) German.
I don’t usually like book covers with faces on them, but I’m really liking the
German cover. To me, it is perfect for what the story is truly about. To me, I
think this book is about friendship, and always being there for each other.

Least Favorite Covers:
9783683 15728276 27402566

1.) French 2.) Hungarian 3.) Vietnamese.
I feel like these three covers are misleading. I don’t think this cover should
have a boy on it…Or I don’t know. I don’t feel like the main story, is getting 
the boy. It’s about finding yourself, and learning that you are just as good of a 
choice, as anyone else. It’s not about the love you get from a boy, it about the 
love of a best friend.

That’s it for this week. Who are you favorite bookish BFFs?
Let me know down in the comments! 😀

*Book Traveling Thursdays is a weekly meme created by Cátia @The Girl Who Read Too Much and Danielle @Danielle’s Book Blog. To Find out more/Join the Goodreads group, click HERE.


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