Bout Of Books 16|TBR.


I can’t believe Bout Of Books 16, is already starting TOMORROW!!!! I don’t know if I’m going to be able to read so much this time around, but I hope I can at least do better than last time. I don’t think I did that great with Bout Of Books 15…Well three books is good, but I wanted to read at least four books. Especially since I’ve been in the biggest reading slump I’ve EVER been in. I think this reading slump is going on it’s fourth month! 😐 so hopefully I will have a WAY better reading month in May!! So again,
my goal for Bout of Books 16 will be four books. Let’s hope I can get it done!!
*Fingers Crossed!*

Bout Of Books TBR:

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  1. Forgive Me, Leonard Peacock by Matthew Quick.
  2. Guitar Notes by Mary Amato.
  3. Thirty Days To Thirty by Courtney Psak.
  4. Zac & Mia by A. J. Betts.

I might change my mind about some of these books, if I do I’ll update them within the week. Also, if by some miracle, I end up reading more than four books, I’ll add them to my daily posts! 🙂

Bout of Books

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