Top Ten Tuesday|April 19th, 2016.


Ten Seven Eight Books That Will Make You Laugh (or at least chuckle):

This week’s topic is a hared one seeing as I don’t usually read many funny books. Well, the only books I can think of that REALLY made me laugh, are memoirs. Oh I’ll do as much as possible.

My Horizontal Life: A Collection of One Night Stands (A Chelsea Handler Book/Borderline Amazing Publishing) 3548260 7785800

1.) My Horizontal Life by Chelsea Handler.
2.) Are You There, Vodka? It’s Me Chelsea by Chelsea Handler.
3.) Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang by Chelsea Handler.
I can’t have a list of funny books, and not include Chelsea Handler books.
This lady is HILARIOUS! These books had me laughing from beginning to end.
I need to hurry up and read her latest book, Uganda Be Kidding Me. I already know
it’s going to be a laugh riot! 😆

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4.) Why Not Me? by Mindy Kaling.
Mindy Kaling is one of the funniest women I have ever come
across. I just LOVE her! I’m OBSESSED with her show, The Mindy
Project. The season just started up again, and I can’t wait to get into it!
Sadly, I STILL haven’t read her first book…I’ll get to it soon, I PROMISE!

5.) The Duff by Kody Keplinger.
Bianca Piper is one of the funniest/realest female characters, I’ve ever
had the pleasure of reading about. She is a riot…She is just too much!
I love her! 🙂

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6.) OCD Love Story by Corey Ann Haydu.
I didn’t expect to laugh so much during this book…I don’t even
know if what I was laughing about was suppose to be funny…Oh well!
It’s a great book, everyone should read this at least once!

7.) The Ruby Circle by Richelle Mead.
This book made me laugh, but not in a good way. I can’t believe I
wasted my time reading this series. Nothing good happened in the end.
Next time I just need to go with my instincts. Sydney was so strong in the
beginning, and she just turned into a complete goof.


8.) Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead.

Rose is too much! She had my laughing for most of the series!
I ❤ Rose!

I guess that’s all I got for this week…I can’t think of anything else!
What are some of your favorite funny books?
Let me know down in the comments! 😀

*Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme
hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.

32 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday|April 19th, 2016.

  1. Great list! I LOVE Mindy Kaling and I’m pretty addicted to The Mindy Project too 🙂 I haven’t read Vampire Academy yet, but I’ve heard so many good things about it so I really want to give it a try soon.

  2. Love Love Love Chelsea Handler, and I completely forgot about how much I loved The Duff movie and that I wanted to read the book!

  3. I have heard a lot about Mindy Kaling though I have never read any of her books. Would you recommend this one as a start or are there other books that she has written that I can start with? Chelsea Handler has also come up a couple of time though not always in a good way. I heard about her book, Uganda be Kidding me and it totally put me off. I will look up the ones that you have mentioned though. Great post and thanks for the recommendations.

    1. Mindy only has two books, and I haven’t read her first one, but I hear it is VERY good, so I would probably read the her first book first, just because it has more to do with her childhood, and the second book has more to do with college and up. I personally loved Chelsea Handler, but I haven’t really been in the mix lately. You are not the first person I’ve heard say that there are some negative feeling about her book, Uganda Be Kidding Me. So I will be treading lightly from now on! 😀

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier! You are right about memoirs – they can be hilarious 🙂

    The Duff sounded pretty funny – and I’m tempted to pick it up. Have you read “The Rosie Project”? That was another book that made me laugh recently 🙂

  5. I see Richelle Mead often when I browse book lists. I really should pick up one of her books. Great list! I might have to take a look at Chelsea Handler’s stuff, she is pretty funny.

  6. I loved The DUFF and Bianca. When there wasn’t a serious moment I thought she was hilarious!

  7. I had trouble with this list for the same reason – I think the majority of what I read tends to be super tense and suspenseful, and not as funny. It took me a while to come up with 10. And the first ones I thought of were memoirs as well.

  8. I somehow forgot about Chelsea, how did that happen?! I love her too! I need to read Mindy’s books too. The DUFF is on my TBR, I need to get to it soon! Great list! Thanks for visiting my TTT! Happy reading!

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