Music Monday|April 18th, 2016|Michelle Branch.


I don’t know what forced it, but lately I’ve been wanting to listen to old Michelle Branch songs. Listening to them is making my wonder why I ever stopped listening to her in the first place. Anyway, this week’s Music Monday, is all about Michelle Branch.

All You Wanted.

I think this is the first song that actually made me really like her in middle school. I know she had other songs before this one, but this is the one that got me hooked. I remember watching the video on TRL like every single day after school. That was one of the best shows ever! If you don’t know what I’m talking about, we can’t be friends. KIDDING! 😉

Sooner Or Later.

I actually just started listening to this song last week. I don’t know why it’s the first time I’ve heard the whole song, but I’m liking it. It feels like she hasn’t had any new music out for a LONG time now, but I guess it’s because she’s had some other side projects like The Wreckers, that wasn’t really my cup of tea, or what I was looking for at the time. They were more country then I like, so I guess that could be a reason I stopped listening to her. I wonder what she will come up with next, or how long it will take.

That’s it for this week’s Music Monday.
Who were some of your favorite music artist when you were younger?
Let me know down in the comments! 😀

*Music Monday is a weekly meme
created by Lauren over at Always Me.

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