Book Traveling Thursday|Favorite Classic.


3/31/2016: All of use have read Classics at some point of our life. Choose your
favorite Classic.

I’m not big on reading Classics, as many of you may already know. When I actually did read a classic, it was only because I HAD to read it for school. Those books included The Catcher In The Rye, and A Tale Of Two Cites…I despise them both! Anyway, the only time I can remember reading a Classic because I wanted to, was when I read The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath. I don’t know what first made me want to read it, but I did, and I LOVED IT! It’s one of the few books, that I actually would like to reread. There are SO MANY covers for this book, it was had to just pick a few, so I picked SIX of each! SIX Favorites, and SIX Least Favorites…Enjoy! 🙂

Original Cover:

United States Cover:
839103 395040 18516500

Favorite Covers:
828038 29348167 26288043 23251282 8660700 6343665

1.) UK 2.) English 3.) Chinese 4.) English 5.) Polish 6.) English.
This book has SO many nice covers…I WANT THEM ALL!! I think my favorite out of these 6 covers the the second (English) cover. I don’t know where it’s from exactly, but I do LOVE IT! I also wouldn’t mind having #4 on my shelf. It so awesome! 🙂 It’s simple, but creative.

Least Favorite Covers:
17900477 22848031 28673308 17932545 13493003 26871201

1.) Bulgarian 2.) English 3.) Italian 4.) Icelandic 5.) Arabic 6.) English.
These covers are weird. The Bulgarian cover looks like a statue from a different time period. The girl on the English cover(#2), look like she has some kind of skin problem. Looks like Orphan Annie is making an appearance on the Italian cover (HAH!)
Iceland…Why!? The Arabic cover is just a jumbled up mess. And last but certainly not least, the #6 English cover is just plain and sad, and BORING! Boring Borscht!

If you read them, what are some of your favorite Classics?

*Book Traveling Thursdays is a weekly meme created by Cátia @The Girl Who Read Too Much and Danielle @Danielle’s Book Blog. To Find out more/Join the Goodreads group, click HERE.


8 thoughts on “Book Traveling Thursday|Favorite Classic.

  1. I hated Catcher in the Rye too and anything Charles Dickens is a hard NO for me. I haven’t liked very many books I was “forced” to read either… BLAH!!! I haven’t read The Bell Jar, but always wanted to. Sylvia Plath’s life is so sad and tragic that I’ve always been curious to read her writing. As for these covers— I kind of like the middle US one with the legs and shoes. It feels like it’s from another era.

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