Book Traveling Thursday|Father Figure.


3/17/2016: Father’s Day is celebrated in a couple of days in a few countries!
Choose a book with a awesome father figure.

This week’s Book Traveling Thursday topic is kind of a hard one, seeing
as most of the time the father is absent. And by absent, I mean physically
and/or mentally. This is making me realize even more how non existent
parents, especially fathers, really are in YA books these days…WHERE YA AT!?

Anyway for this week, after thinking LONG AND HARD, I decided to go with
the Father in The Lovely Bone by Alice Sebold. He was a loving father,
who never gave up on finding his daughter.

Original Cover:

United States Covers:
12232938 6522978

Favorite Covers:
6522978 24343720 19046541

1.) US Movie Cover 2.) UK 3.) Picador 40th Anniversary Cover.
It’s hard to say which of these is my most favorite because they are
are so good looking. I think this time I am going to stick with the kind of
plain one. I will choose the Picador Anniversary cover. It’s really nice! I 
wish I had it on my bookshelf! 🙂

Least Favorite Covers:
5658190 2576024 11436030 Cennetimden Bakarken

1.) Spanish 2.) Russian 3.) Czech 4.) Turkish.
These covers actually aren’t as bad as I thought they were going to be.
You never know what you will get with books about death. Saying that, I
think they worst of the worst has to go to the Turkish cover. I’m not sure that
I would have picked this up, if I saw that halo on the cover…

Who are some of your favorite Father Figures in books?
Let me know down in the comments! 😀

*Book Traveling Thursdays is a weekly meme created by Cátia @The Girl Who Read Too Much and Danielle @Danielle’s Book Blog. To Find out more/Join the Goodreads group, click HERE.

5 thoughts on “Book Traveling Thursday|Father Figure.

  1. I’ve never seen this meme before, but ti looks SO cool! I completely agree with you on the cover choices. They’re REALLY good (not that ones you disliked. DUH.)

    Have an awesome week:)

  2. Loved The Lovely Bones. I wish the movie was as good as the book… but sadly Mark Wahlberg butchered that role. I thought it was some of the worst acting by an A-List I had seen in a while. I think he’s a good actor, but apparently distraught father is out of his range. LOL. Anyway, I loved some of the father figures in HP… too bad JK Rowling liked to kill off those types. Also…. hmmm The Book of Broken Hearts has a beautiful father-daughter relationship in it.

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