Music Monday|February 1st, 2016|The Honorary Title.


For this weeks Music Monday, I decided to focus on one band. Lately I have been craving their music like crazy, so hopefully this will help. The band I am yacking about is…THE HONORARY TITLE! I used to be VERY OBSESSED with The Honorary Title, but I don’t know what happened…Oh now I remember. Their 2nd album SUCKED wasn’t that great. 😦 Sure, there were a few good songs on the album, but it was nothing special.

Everything I Once Had by The Honorary Title.

 Anyway, I chose this first song because I love it! The way Jarrod sings this song, makes my heart hurt for him. He makes me feel all that he is feeling…I didn’t even get dumped, and I feel it all! WHY DID HE HAVE TO DO THAT TO ME!?

Stay Away by The Honorary Title.

For my second song choice, I thought I would go with one of their songs that I actually loved off of their 2nd album. From the moment I heard it, I fell in love. I wish the rest of the album was made up with songs as good as this one. Oh well, I’ll always have the first album.

After listening to this song, I think I’m gonna have cry…Just Kidding!

That’s all for this week’s Music Monday.
I hope you enjoyed it! 😀

*Music Monday is a weekly meme created
by Lauren over at Always Me.


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