Music Monday|January 18th, 2016|Boy Bands.


For this weeks Music Monday, I decided to take it back to the 90s/early 2000s, and share something that was(and still is) near and dear to my heart…BOY BANDS!!! I mean, come one, who doesn’t love a great boy band!?

Show Me The Meaning of Being Lonely by The Backstreet Boys.

For my first choice, I went with my favorite boy band of all time…THE BACKSTREET BOYS!!! How can I not love them? My favorite Backstreet Boy, since day one, is Kevin.
He’s so hot! ❤ ❤

Although I was mainly a Backstreet Boy girl, I couldn’t help but to also love NSync.

I Drive Myself Crazy by NSync.

At first I didn’t really care for them, but since my sisters LOVED them, I ended up loving them too. I just couldn’t help it! I don’t know who my favorite is..I think I use to like Joey Fatone because he was the best dancer. He probably is still the best dancer.

Okay that’s all for now. Who is your favorite 90s/early 2000s Boy band?
Let me know down in the comments!

*Music Monday is a weekly meme created
by Lauren over at Always Me.


9 thoughts on “Music Monday|January 18th, 2016|Boy Bands.

  1. NSYNC! I’m such an NSYNC girl. :p BB wasn’t really my thing, but NSYNC was. Hee hee! *isn’t fangirling at all* Though, I really love their song ‘Pop’. So catchy and fun! ^.^

    I love this theme for music monday!

  2. ALL. OF. THIS. I started off loving *NSYNC more [due to my more-than-shameful obsession with JT]. Backstreet Boys, though, were always an extremely close second [because A.J. = <3]. Like… I vaguely remember little me pressed up against the TV screen watching a BB concert and sobbing.

    Basically I said all of that to say this: perfect theme for Music Monday! I will now be drowning in Boy Band Land.

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