Music Monday|December 21st, 2015|Christmas Songs Part 3!!


Last but not least, here are my last two
Music Monday Christmas picks for 2015:

Santa Baby by Eartha Kitt.

The first spot goes the the Great and Beautiful, Eartha Kitt. When I was younger, I always wondered why the CHILD singing this song wanted all these random grown up things. But after I got older I put two and two together, and DUH, that’s a grown ass woman, and Santa is like her Sugar Daddy or something! HELLO! I really love this song, and I love her. She is such an amazing woman!

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas by Judy Garland.

This is one of the most iconic Christmas songs EVER! Name one Christmas movie that this song isn’t featured in. You probably won’t be able to find one. I really like this song, It’s one of my favorites if not my #1. To me, I know it is the Christmas season once I hear this song. 🙂 It might sound a little silly, but I always get a little teary eyed every time I listen to it.

And there you have it,
the last Music Monday Christmas Songs for 2015.
This was fun! 😀

Happy Holidays
*Music Monday is a weekly meme created by Lauren over at Always Me.

11 thoughts on “Music Monday|December 21st, 2015|Christmas Songs Part 3!!

  1. Earth a Kitt’s version is the ONLY version of “Santa Baby” done well, in my opinion. Somehow she was able to make it flirty and sexy without being overly sleazy and obnoxious. So good!

      1. WHAT A JOKE! Goodness gracious. I don’t even like her in general, much less trying to sing a classic. Her voice is wrong. Her style is wrong and she still looks and acts like a child. No. Just… no.

    1. WAIT — TAYLOR SWIFT TRIED TO PULL OFF SANTA BABY!?!?! I actually don’t mind her (even like a song or two) but there’s NO WAY she could pull off Santa Baby.

  2. I’ve never really gotten into Santa Baby, but you can never go wrong with Eartha Kitt. I heard the Taylor Swift cover and I had to turn it off, too. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas is awesome both Judy Garland and Frank Sinatra’s. 🙂

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