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12/10/2015: Because we’re never to old to believe in Fairy Tales choose your favorite re-telling!!

Well I haven’t read many Fairy Tale retellings…I’m pretty sure that I have  only read one. The only one I have read is The Summer of Chasing Mermaids by Sarah Ockler, which is based off of The Little Mermaid. I actually HATE The Little Mermaid, but I really enjoyed this book. Because it is a newer release, there isn’t a variety of book covers. So, I’ve decided to do a Mythology retelling instead of a Fairy Tale retelling. I hope that’s okay! 😀

This week I chose The Lightning Thief, book one of the Percy Jackson and The Olympians Series by Rick Riordan.

Original Cover:

United States Cover:
28187 21473404

Favorite Covers:
21473404 19046976 7575736 25886121

1.) US.
2.) Romanian.
3.) German.
4.) Serbian.

I’m REALLY liking the Romanian cover! I know it should have more of Percy on the cover, but I just love it! The Serbian cover is cute. Percy is so adorable! 🙂

Least Favorite Covers:
15844083 24964383 2921087 8663037

1.) Swedish.
2.) Ukrainian.
3.) German.
4.) Slovak.

At first I was leaner towards the German and Slovak covers for the worst, but as I look at the Swedish cover, I just know that it is the winner of the Worst Book Cover Award!

I’m sorry. That is just horribly put together. Terrible!

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7 thoughts on “Book Traveling Thursday|Favorite Retelling.

  1. This looks like a really cool tag, I’ve never really had a look at other countries covers for books! The Swedish cover for The Lightning Thief looks like it’s made from stock images, and the German one’s ridiculous. He looks like he’s pole-vaulted over the Minotaur and is clinging on for dear life.

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