November 2015 Book Haul.


This month I did a great job not buying books…Yeah, I did buy ONE eBook, but it was CHEAP so I don’t think I should get a penalty for that one. Especially when I could have gone BUCK WILD at Half Price Books when I stopped by earlier this month. I deserve an Award for this great achievement.I honestly have a book buying problem. 😐

Blogging For Books:

If I Fall, If I Die by Michael Christie.

Barnes and Noble:

The Heartbreakers by Ali Novak. I already hauled this book awhile ago, maybe in September?? Anyways, I read almost half of this book, but put it down to read another, then when I went back to it, Net Galley archived it and it expired, so I couldn’t finish it!!! 😡 So I saw that Barnes and Noble had the eBook for $1.99 so I bought it. Now I can finish it! Holla! 😀

Net Galley:
26011960 25756344

Black Beauty by Constance Burris.
Tragedy Girl by Christine Hurley Deriso.

Now, let’s see if in December, I can buy absolutely NO BOOKS!!
I think I can do it…I hope…


4 thoughts on “November 2015 Book Haul.

  1. You did so well!!!!!! You deserve all the medals! I understand the struggle of NEEDING All The Books! And for my viewpoint you did fantastically this month!
    I haven’t really heard about any of these books but I just went and goodreads Tragedy Girl and it sounds so dark and interesting!! I hope you have a great time reading it 🙂

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