Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award.


Today, I am here with the Sisterhood of The World Bloggers Award! Yay! A big thanks to Trang & Lashaan @ Bookidote for the nomination! I really like/enjoy reading their blog, you should all go over there and give them a follow! 🙂

Rules are:

  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you, linking back to their site.
  2. Put the award logo on your blog.
  3. Answer the ten questions sent to you.
  4. Make up ten new questions for your nominees to answer.
  5. Nominate ten blogs.

Bookidote’s Questions: 

  1. What are your September favorites ? (books, music, products,etc.)
    Seeing as I only read 2 actual books last month, I will give you
    the favorite one I bought last month..The one I am most excited about. It is:

    The Nature of Jade by Deb Caletti. This is one of my favorites! Plus I am EXTRA happy
    because I got my favorite cover(^^that one^^) in PAPERBACK!! The reason why that is
    so exciting is because there is a new cover (I don’t really care for it 😦 ) and I thought
    I would never be able to get my hands on it EVER again!
    So when I saw it, I snatched it up so quick!
    I’ve been listening to the same stuff for years, I NEED HELP! Any Recommendations?
    Lately I’ve been listening to:

    They just don’t make Boy Bands like they use to…
    My New Elephant Mug from World Market:

    Gevalia Kaffe Vanilla Latte K-Cups:

    Shea Moisture Superfruit Complex Bar Soap:
  2. What is THE ONE BOOK everyone should read at least once in their lives ?
    Oh It’s hard to just pick ONE!! I’ll go with…The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath.
  3. Where is your favorite place to read ?
    My Room.
  4. How did you come up with your blog name ?
    There was a blog called Food Coma I use to follow, and I thought the name
    was VERY clever, and my blog is about books so, I called it BookComa.
  5. What is the best piece of advice anyone has ever given you?
    When my dad told me to go off on a bully. He told me to or else he would go down
    to the school, and I REALLY didn’t want that, so the next day when the bully came
    for his rounds (YES it was a HE) I gave him a good tongue lashing, and he never
    messed with me again! Thanks Dad!
  6. What’s your worst habit?
    Buying stuff I really don’t need, like books when my TBR is so full!
  7. Out of all the places around the world you’ve been to, what’s your favorite?
    I’ve only been in the United States, and I love Arizona (duh!), but if I had to choose somewhere else, I would say Arkansas. It’s beautiful. Nice and Green!
  8. What are 3 essentials a blogger must have?
    1.) A bit Confidence. I know sometimes I am still a little uncomfortable
    posting things, but I’m still trying to open up.
    2.)  A Love for what they are blogging about.
    3.) A Platform.
  9. As a blogger, what do you think we can contribute to the community?
    As a Book Blogger, we can help people learn that reading is important,
    and it doesn’t have to be boring. Reading shouldn’t have to feel like a chore,
    reading is actually fun.
  10. Best comment on your blog so far.
    When Melanie told me I’ve killed her because
    I told her about Half Price Books. (Best place EVER!) I’m happy
    I could help! 🙂

My Questions:

  1. What are your top 5 reads for 2015?
  2. What is your favorite genre and why?
  3. Is there any genre you absolutely with NOT read?
  4. About how many books do you have in your TBR?
  5. Who is your favorite fictional character?
  6. What is your favorite book turned movie?
  7. What is your favorite Movie and or TV Show?
  8. How long have you been a Book Blogger?
  9. What are some of your hobbies besides reading & blogging?
  10. What is your dream job?

My Ten Nominations Are:

  1. Melanie.
  2. Amy.
  3. Sara.
  4. Nola.
  5. Kacie.
  6. Kira.
  7. Rachel.
  8. Ember.
  9. Taryn.
  10. Monica.

Have fun with it!!


19 thoughts on “Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award.

  1. Thank you! I’ve actually started a blog post yesterday with two others I’ve been tagged in, so I’ll just add this one on. It should be up in the next couple days! 😊

    I’ve been eyeing that elephant mug for a while now, it’s so adorable!! I might just put it on my christmas list. Also, how is that superfruit bar? Does it have any specialties? Like, I have a black soap bar and it’s suppose to be good for acne and future breakouts.

  2. Love the post ! Thank you so much for accepting the nomination and for doing it ! 😀 Your dad has some pretty nice tricks up his sleeves. Glad he helped you get rid of a horrible nuisance in teenager lives.

    – Lashaan

  3. WHAT?! When did I get tagged for this?! Oh my gosh! I’m such a terrible blogger!!! Okay! My award will be up next week on Thursday! ugh! I feel so bad! Feel free to add more questions to make up for my idiocy. *sigh*

    Aw! You think my comment was the best?! I’m honored that you liked my comment and it’s true that you killed me. This is my ghost form commenting on your blog. :p

    To be completely honest I think I read your blog name wrong this entire time… >.> I was definitely pronouncing it as Book Comma (like the punctuation mark). Oh. I fail at life.

    Aw! I love the advice your dad gave you and it’s so true! Bullies are only powerful if you give them power. Most of them back down right away when you stand up to them. I’m sorry you were bullied, but I’m happy that you were strong and stood up to them! Good for you, G!

    I totally buy books when I already have books sitting at home waiting to be read. It’s such a bad habit. Though, I think most bibliophiles have this problem, yeah? It’s like a disease of readers. :p

    Uh-oh! Am I in trouble because I haven’t read the Sylvia Plath book? (I don’t think I’ve read anything by Sylvia Plath actually. >.>)

    I love that you’re trying to support reading as fun, especially since school nowadays doesn’t do that. They force aged texts down students throats. No one is interested in reading after that, especially when it doesn’t show them the variety of books in the world. There are so many, but only a small few are taught in school. Keep up the good work! I’m rooting for you to spread the love of reading!

    P.s. I’m serious about the adding more questions to my award to make up for my lack of attention. I feel so bad about it! Like I broke our blogger trust or something! 0.0

    1. Sorry It might be my fault. I know that sometimes WordPress lets you know when someone mentions you in their post and other times it doesn’t. I’ve had that happen to me a few time recently. I had no idea I was tagged and then I go around catching up on others posts and there’s my name and I’m like WHAT!? 🙂

      1. Haha! I think you only get notified if someone links to a specific post. If you link to their main blog page it doesn’t notify them. At least, that’s what I’ve noticed from my tags, but maybe I just don’t understand the whole pingback thing. :p

    2. Here are some more (punishment 😉 )questions for you!
      What is your favorite Holiday?
      How many siblings do you have?
      What is your favorite animal?
      What is your favorite color?
      Do you have any pets?
      Is there a book you HATED reading this year?
      If you could rewrite ANY book to make it better, which book would it be?

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