June 2015 Wrap Up & July TBR.


This month, I sadly only read 3 books.  I actually feel like reading this month so hopefully I will have a better reading month in July.

In June I Read:


  • The Truth About Forever by Sarah Dessen.  I really liked this book.  It has a bit of a slow pace, but I still loved it.  My sister loves Sarah Dessen, and I never read any of her book until this year when Saint Anything came out, and let me just say, I have fallen in love with Sarah Dessen.  She is such a great writer.  I can’t wait to read more of her books.  I will probably be posting a review soon.  I gave The Truth about Forever 4 Stars.
  • P.S. I Still Love You by Jenny Han.  I did a summer book swap and I received this book from the Lovely Niki of .  She spoiled me!  The Ending was a little disappointing, but I’ll get over it.  I Still liked the book.  I will be posting a review soon.  I gave this book 4 Stars.
  • The Year of the Rat by Clare Furniss.  I really enjoyed this book.  Pearl was a bit harsh, but the story was still a good one.  Review coming soon.  I also gave this book 4 Stars.


I’m not going to say which books I plan on reading, because that never seems to happen.  I either don’t want to read it anymore or I get a new book that I want to read instead.  So instead of listing the books, I will just say that I would like to read at least 6 books in July. *Fingers Crossed*



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