Get Well Soon Review.

Book:  Get Well Soon.

Written By:  Julie Halpern.

Pages:  193.

Synopsis:  (From Book.) Anna Bloom is depressed—so depressed that her parents have committed her to a mental hospital with a bunch of other messed-up teens. Here, she meets a roommate with a secret (and a plastic baby), a doctor who focuses way too much on her weight, and a cute, shy boy who just might like her. But wait! Being trapped in a loony bin isn’t supposed to be about making friends, losing weight, and having a crush, is it?

My Thoughts:  I really liked this book.  There’s only two things I would change about it.

  1. She would have stayed in the hospital a bit longer.
  2. The book would be maybe 100 to 150 pages longer.

Other than that I really enjoyed the book.

Anna is very funny.  She is a real teenager, with real teenage problems like any other girl her age.  Mentally I  know she is not like every other girl, but there are things going on in her head that many girls/women in general deal with on a daily basis,  Like not feeling good enough or not smart enough, or pretty or skinny enough.  Women are faced with so much flack for not being the super model or the gorgeous actress.  What we need to focus on teaching girls, is that it’s okay to be who you are as long as you are happy in your own skin.  There is no wrong way to be a girl.

Dealing with anxiety myself, I know that sometimes the nasty/ugly thoughts swirling in our minds are heightened, and sometimes you feel like you just can’t cope and you don’t know what to do.  I think that Anna’s character was written perfectly, and I don’t think that it’s fair for anyone to say that she is over the top or too dramatic, because everyone deals with problems, in different ways.  Just by reading her letters, you can tell that three weeks wasn’t enough time.  She still feels the same way about herself and about life.  The only things that seemed to have changed are her panic attacks and her IBS.   How she views herself has also changed a little.  With the help of her crush Justin, and her other new friends in the ward, she now sees that not every boy wants the skinny, big boobed girl.  It’s not all about looks.

One character who bothered me terribly, was her Doctor.  The nickname she gave him was perfect, he was the biggest asshole EVER!  How can someone who is such a terrible person think he is in the position to help anyone?  He just makes Anna feel worse about herself.  Okay, so Anna could lose a few pounds, but I think he was overly harsh about it.  He seemed like one of those doctors who are bored with their job, and are only sticking it out until retirement.  What a lame ass.  Hopefully she doesn’t have to deal with him in the next book.  The staff also sucked.  They acted like they didn’t want to be there at all.  I don’t know what they thought they were doing, but it seemed like they weren’t really helping anyone with the problems that got them put there in the first place.

I can’t wait to start the second book, Have A Nice Day.  I gave this book 4 Stars.



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