30 Day Book and Literature Challenge: Day #5


If you were stranded on a desert island, what five books would you take with you? Include one reason for each.


Are You There Vodka? It’s Me Chelsea by Chelsea Handler.  Chelsea is hilarious and I know that I would need some cheering up if I was stuck on a desert island.

Catalyst by Laurie Halse Anderson.  I love this book, it is one of my favorites.  I can read it over and over and over again.

Isla and The Happily Ever After by Stephanie Perkins.  I haven’t read this book yet, but I have read the other two and I loved them.  I would want to bring this to have something new to read.  I have a feeling that I’m gonna love this book too.

Looking For Alaska by John Green.  I really love this book.  It’s a good book for when you are in to mood for something sad.

Prozac Nation by Elizabeth Wurtzel.  I haven’t read this book either, but I heard it was good.  I think it would be good to bring a mixture of Fiction and Non Fiction with me.


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