Breathe My Name Review.

Book: Breathe My Name.

Written By: R.A. Nelson.

Pages: 257.

Synopsis: (From Book)

“I need to see you.

Please come right away.

We have to finish.”

Frances Robinson is in high school now. She lives a quiet, suburban life, far from her horrifying past. When she was a child, her birth mother smothered her three sisters. Through pure luck, Frances survived. Now her mother has just been released from prison . . . and she wants to see Frances.

A new boy at school called Nix charms Frances. Together, Nix and Frances embark on a clandestine journey to visit Frances’ mother: to confront the monster in its lair. This trip will help Frances at last find peace–or die trying. But no matter what, Frances will discover just what it means to finish.

My Thoughts: At first I felt like I really liked the way the book was written. It pulled you in and made you want to keep reading. Most of time the words flowed together nicely, but then it kind of ran dry. You never knew what the setting was like. Nelson never really described the surroundings, like what the weather was like or how it smelled outside.  I never knew if the seasons changed or if  they were in the same month, let alone the same week. Everything was moving fast and slow at the same time. Frances and Ann Mirette talked about telling Nix the truth, and if she didn’t do it soon, how upset it could make him….WHAT!? How long have they been going out? A week? They were talking as if they had been going out for months but, the lack of descriptions didn’t help.

Frances never seemed interested in seeing her mom again. It was never put out as an option, and then all of the sudden she has this big idea to run away and look for her. She never had the discussion within herself of whether or not she should go see her mom, or if she even wanted to. I think the author should have built it up before just coming out with the idea. It was all too easy. Another thing is who in the right mind would want to go see someone who tried to kill you? I don’t care that its her mom. The woman is crazy. Even the letter that was supposedly from her was creepy. “I need to see you. Please come right away. We have to finish.” Finish what!? KILLING ME!? Why would anyone who read that even think its a good idea to visit a psycho?

After reading almost half of the book, I felt like something wasn’t right and I was starting not to like the book. To help me decide if I wanted to finish the book, I checked goodreads to read what everyone else had to say about this book. Right off the bat I was seeing one to three star ratings. And yes I know there were also a lot of four and five star ratings, but everyone knows the negative ratings are what catches your eye.

I told myself that I wouldn’t read any spoilers and I’m mad at myself because I gave in and read them anyways.  I am very disappointed with how this book turned out. I knew that there was something off about the lawyer who she kept seeing, I just didn’t know it would go THAT far. I’m sorry but I just feel that the twist was a bit over the top..

Okay so, after spoiling the end for myself, I decided not to continue reading. Overall I give this book 3 Stars.



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